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        January          Kunshan Bilic-fortune Technology Co,. Ltd was founded
        March            The company completed the enterprise shareholding system reform
        September     Kunshan Masu Co,. Ltd was founded
        May               Kunshan headquarter base was beginning construction, covering an area
                             of 20,000 m2
        July               Research and development center was established
        August           Kunshan B.R. Sales Co,. Ltd was founded
        December      The Kunshan headquarter building was put into use
        March            A wholly owned subsidiary -- Hubei Bilic-Fortune Technology Co,. Ltd
                             was established
        June              Kunshan Bilic-Fortune Technology Co,. Ltd had changed name to Bilic-Fortune
                            Technology Co,. Ltd
        July                Suzhou modified plastics engineering technology research and development
                             center was established
        August           BFT had obtained the qualification of JiangSu Hi-tech enterprise
        December       BFT had acquired Duncan (Zheng Zhou) Motor Parts Co,. Ltd   
                             BFT's annual business revenue topped 100 million RMB for the first time
        May                Kunshan Masu Co,. Ltd had launched annual output of 1000 ton of natural fiber
                             modified plastics project.
        June               Ginter Hill Corporation, the subsidiary company of BFT was established in USA
        June               BFT successfully landed on NEEQ
        June               Our RD laboratory was accredited to ISO/IEC 17025
Bilic-Fortune Technology Co,. Ltd
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Address: #2 Dexin Rd, Zhangpu town Kunshan City Jiangsu Province, China